The conference, not limited to this year's theme, will include every topic in the field of Israel and Judaism. For example,

Archaeology, historiography and the visualization of the past

Boycott and the Politics of Solidarity

Conflict management in the Israeli- Palestinian conflict

Contemporary Jewry

Deal of the Century

Displacement and the Refugees

Egyptology and Judaism in Egypt

Energy politics

Halacha and Sharia

Halachic state vs Jewish state vs Democratic state

Hamas and Turkey

Hebrew education in Turkey

Human rights in Israel

Identity in Israel

Ignorance is Bliss vs Knowledge is Power: Muslim knowledge of Israel and Judaism

Israel and its Neighbors

Israel- diaspora relations

Israel–Russia relations

Israel- Turkey relations

Israel’s Arab minority: past, present, future

Israel’s political and legislative shift rightwards over the last decade

Israel’s political left

Israeli settlements in the occupied territories

Israeli universities and colleges

Jewish history and culture

Jewish law and Jewish thought

Jewish manuscript sources: Bible and Talmud, and Rabbinic literature

Jewish mysticism

Judaism or Israel focused or related courses in Turkish universities

Judeo-Islamic studies

Karaite (Hazar) Studies

Loss of the Holy Land and Jerusalem

Migration, settlement and diaspora

Nation building and state education

National languages: from old sacred tongue/colloquial to modern high language

New Directions in Israeli and Jewish Studies

Eastern Languages and Literatures Department in Turkey and Hebrew Language and Literature Program

Comparative Semitics and Ural-Altaic Languages

NGOs related with Jerusalem in Turkey

Ottoman Jerusalem

Politics of Human Shielding

Pre-State Jewish community in Palestine

Reform Judaism

Islamic–Jewish relations

Religion in public sphere: changes and expansion along the years

Religious nationalism and conflict over the Holy Place

Religious sites in Jerusalem and holy places tour, religious tourism

Rule of law in Israel and states of emergency in the occupied territory

Russian-Speaking Jewish Diaspora

Sabbatai Zevi and the Sabbatean Movement

Six-Day War, 1967

Start-up technology and military industry

Studies in the archaeology of Israel and neighboring lands

Study of Jewish names

The image of Arab/Islam in contemporary Hebrew writings

The Politics of Archives

The Turk in the Hebrew literature

The Turkish Left and Arab- Israeli conflict

Theology and Jewish thought

Turkish- Jewish encounters over 500 Years

Turkish Jews relation with American Jews vs European Jews, their religious identities.

Turkish TV Series and Actors in Israel

Turks, Seljuqs, Ottomans and republican Turkey in the Israeli academia

Two-State Solution One-State Solution?

War and Religion

Zionist Congresses

In conference there are no specific themes, topic, time periods, methods, study disciplines, geographical areas, buzzwords, but the focus of proposals and papers must be oriented to address the conference's field.

As there is a limited amount of time allotted to research presentations, priority will be given to those outlining the original research findings accompanied by a full paper and/or research paper submission if a large number of abstracts are received