Application/ Registration

The publishing and application/ registration procedures in conference consist of two phases:

(i) application by submitting an abstract,

(ii) live streaming the presentation (synchronous) or replaying the pre-recorded talks (asynchronous) (with/ without Q&A).

The file should be sent through email ( by using Google Drive.

No registration fee is foreseen for the participation in the conference.

Individuals requiring an official Letter of Invitation can request one from the ICIJS. To receive a letter of invitation, author must send his/ her text to the conference.

Participants are deemed to have accepted terms and conditions when participants proceed with the registration process.

We will generally communicate with participants by email. Participants agree that email communication is contractually binding in the same way as properly signed and dated documentation sent by post.

Participants are generally contacted by nonsynchronous communication via their personal e-mail addresses individually or via the ICIJS’22 Participants’s group e-mail <> collectively. In addition, synchronous communication is established by telephone or video meeting (

Check the spam box as email messages we send are sometimes marked as spam. In order to prevent e-mails from going to spam, the e-mail address we send should be marked as non-spam and and addresses should be added to the contact list.

Two Google Forms, Registration Form and Evaluation Questionnaire, will be required to be filled in to receive feedback on the conference

Unless participants state otherwise at the time of registration, we will display participants’ name and details in our directory of conference participants.