Request for Proposal 

To whom it may concern,

We are pleased to announce that the Eighth International Conference on Israel and Judaism Studies (ICIJS’24) initiated by Israiliyat: Journal of Israeli and Judaic Studies (e-ISSN 2645-890X) is planned to be held in hybrid (in person and virtual) in Jerusalem on December 2-6, 2024. ICIJS’24 is the seventh in an annual conference series hold in December month: while the first in Konya in 2017 (40 participants), the second in Bandirma Onyedi Eylul University in 2018 (80 participants), and the third in Izmir Democracy University in 2019 (120 participants) were held in person format the fourth in 2020 (60 participants), fifth co-organized with Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2021 (40 participants), and latest in 2022 (20 participants) were held in virtually.

Our conference is not currently working with any organization company. Outbound academic conference tourism consists of five main transactions: visa, flight ticket, accommodation, meeting room and city tours. In these transactions, a partnership can be established with Turkish or Israeli tourism agencies. Foreign tourism companies can offer services in all matters except air tickets. We may  receive these transactions services as a retail and package. The most important of these for the organizers are the meeting room where the conference to be held and accommodation rooms for the participants.

We will offer you the accommodation room rates you suggest to our participants and recommend them to stay in your hotel. According to our prediction, between 15-50 participants will stay at your hotel. Participants shall book their hotel rooms by themselves. Room rates may include breakfast and dinner. You can also specify if there is a lunch opportunity.

Since our conference does not have a budget, we will ask for the meeting room to be free. In the meeting room, 1 table, 25 chairs and Wi-Fi connection are sufficient, while no AV is required. Only tea and coffee are sufficient as a catering. You can also specify that, if necessary, how many minimum room reservation is required for the meeting room to be free.

I am in Jerusalem until 31 Dec, 2022 for the conference preparations. If you are available, we can meet face-to-face or virtually.


Best regards,