These awards are designed to encourage research about Israel and Judaism in Turkey. Conference makes an award to the three types of studies in the categories of history, politics and religion whose subject matter must fall into the broadly defined field of Israel and Jewish studies: (i) the distinguished dissertations/ thesis in both the MA and PhD levels, (ii) distinguished scholarly books in original and translated monographies, and (iii) distinguished scholarly articles in Turkish. Therefore, there are 15 awards in 5 sub types in 3 categories. Dissertations/ theses should be defended and decrees must be awarded by the universities in Turkey. Original [(co) authored, (not from theses, not edited) monographies, reference books, textbooks] or translated (transcribed or commented) books and article must be published in Turkey. The dissertations/ theses, books and articles, which must be defended or published in the last two years preceding the year of the competition (2020-2021) in Turkish or English languages, are eligible for the competition. While previous candidate studies cannot be resubmitted for consideration no more than two times in a two-year period. Previous winners or finalists may not resubmit.

All applications are reviewed by at least two experts in the field of study and constructive, developmental feedback is provided. There are two ways for nomination: person can nominate another person or a person can nominate himself/herself (self-nomination). The nominee’s personal file includes an electronic copy of the dissertation/ thesis, books (for first printing) and article, and full CV of the candidate. Letters of support is optional. The documentation of candidate nominations could be sent via e-mail. Awardees will receive an e-certificate. Outstanding dissertations/ theses, books, and articles award will be given at the annual ICIJS. In any category that does not have enough nominations award will be cancelled.