Israel and Judaism Studies Awards


These awards are designed to encourage scholarly research in Turkey about Israel and Judaism. The Conference offers awards for studies in three categories in the type of (i) history, (ii) politics and (iii) religion: (i) Distinguished Thesis Award at both the MA and PhD levels, (ii) Distinguished Book Award for original and translated monographies, and (iii) Distinguished Article Award. Thus, the Conference presents up to 15 awards in five sub- categories in three types. Theses/ Dissertations must have already been accepted and the relevant degree awarded by a Turkish university. All candidate books and articles must be published in Turkey. The dissertations/ theses, books, and articles, which are written in Turkish or English and have been defended or published in Turkey during the years 2021-2023 are eligible for the competition. While previous candidate studies can be resubmitted for consideration in a two-year period, previous winners may not resubmit.

All applications are reviewed by at least two experts in the field of study and constructive, developmental feedback is provided. There are two ways for nomination: one person can nominate another or a person can nominate himself/herself (self-nomination). Applications for nomination should include an electronic copy of the dissertation/ thesis, book (for first printing) or article and a full CV of the candidate. Letters of recommendation are optional. These documents should be sent via via e-mail <>. Awardees will receive e-certificates. And their names will be listed in the proceedings book and on the conference web page. The awards will be presented during or after the Conference. Awards will not be granted in categories lacking appropriate nominations.